"You are not separated from your goals by a number of years. You are separated from your goals by a number of actions." -Douglas Kruger

Coaching is designed around a specific area you'd like to improve, or a specific goal you're working towards (i.e. sleep 8 hours a night, find a new job, or compete in a triathlon). 

Coaching is done via text or phone call.

We'll start off by analyzing your unique situation.

I will help you to:

·  Set realistic goals.
·  Develop an action  plan.
·  Determine how to  measure success.
·  Focus and stay on track.
·  Track progress and set  deadlines.

Each text-based package comes with:
FREE 3-day trial: Your credit card will not be charged during the trial.

Money back guarantee: If you are not happy with the coaching within two weeks.

Cancel anytime.

[I'm not currently accepting new clients. To be placed on a waitlist and notified when I have availability, please send me a message here: Coach Josh]

Text-Based Coaching:

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