What clients say about Josh:

“I decided to work with Josh to help me get in peak physical shape and to help me stay motivated on this journey. As a coach myself I know the importance of accountability and also looking for any tips and tricks you can learn from other high performers. 

 Josh has done a great job helping me stay on track! He's put in the work himself and knows what it takes to take your life to the next level. It isn't easy, but it's worth it!

 Thanks Josh, I'm looking forward to 2021!”

-Dennis, January 2021

“I’ve been working with Josh on a variety of goals; currently, we’re focusing on creating and maintaining a healthy sleep schedule and redoing my resume. 

 Josh is a fantastic coach! Even during the number of times when I’ve felt like I keep “failing” at a goal, Josh is consistently enthusiastic and positive, helping me adjust my mindset from “I’m failing at this” to, say, “Maybe we need to break down this goal into smaller steps.” 

 I also really appreciate Josh’s patience, even when I have felt that I’ve gotten behind on goals we’ve set. It’s clear that he genuinely believes in his clients. 

 Josh is nonjudgmental and validating, which has made me feel at ease when discussing sensitive issues. 

 Moreover, one of Josh’s many strengths is his ability to balance not pushing too hard but also consistently challenging his clients. This is something I look for in a coach and I have definitely found it working with Josh. 

 I highly recommend him! ”

-Anonymous, January 2021

“Josh is an excellent coach. He takes the time to understand what you are looking to accomplish and helps create a set of new habits that will launch you forward. I love working with Josh because he’s energetic and positive. He won’t give up on you even if you start to give up on yourself! Thanks for always being so helpful and generous Josh! ” 

-Sarah, December 2020

“Josh Everett has been a life long mentor in the financial parts of life. He is exceptionally qualified as a coach not just for financials but many other facets of life. He has a great understanding of the financial world and was able to help me set goals to meet financial needs. 

 Josh was very attentive when it came to communication. If he had not heard from me in a couple of days, he would reach out to me (My phone doesn't like the app for some reason). Josh would regularly send me motivational quotes and ask me how things were going. He would ask me things such as, "Did you have a financial win this week." Meaning was I able to save money or do something that was a financial gain. He also gave me great advice for investing, and how to invest, so I don't lose all my money if I invested in the wrong thing. 

 He also showed me how to set myself up for success. For Financial Coaching or any coaching what so ever, Josh is definitely the man for the job” 

-Rodney, November 2020

“Josh is an awesome coach that takes care of you and helps you to stay motivated. Highly recommended to others! :) ” 

-Niklas, October 2020

“Outstanding! I wanted to work with Josh as I needed a Coach who really understands high performance challenges & the fundamental drivers. He helped me rebalance back into healthy sleeping patterns after an extended project timeline + Covid lockdown freedoms (from alarm clocks etc...) had led to an habituated state of focus-driven insomnia (<72 hrs awake + one 4hr sleep cycle, rinse n’ repeat) taking over. 

 Josh has seriously contagious energy! And gave me the strong accountability framework & clear consistency guidance I needed to reign it all back into healthy rhythms. He has an incredible outlook and intuitively seemed to know what data to share and when. I expected it to be a tough fix.. how do you sleep 8 hrs a night, if takes days to become tired? But together, we cut through it like butter! ” 

-Aaryn, October 2020

“Josh coached me on a daily affirmations and a few life transitions because of Covid-19. Josh was awesome to work with. Always there to actively listen, provide constructive feedback and offer options of how to move forward. Josh really cares and knows that the goal is progress, not perfection.” -Sean, July 2020

“My goal in the beginning was to have more energy. I feel we have accomplished that and so much more! I feel my outlook has even changed! So far I have lost 10 pounds and gained momentum, strength and energy. I look forward to the days ahead, and feel capable of achieving goals now! The possibilities are endless!" 

-B. Montaño, June 2020

“Josh is full of energy and it is easily felt with every conversation. He is clear, helpful and responsive. My goal was to reestablish my daily habits in order to get to the next level athletically. Josh had great recommendations and educational material. I looked forward to updating him with my progress with every success.” 

-T.L., June 2020